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Since introducing our first model in 2014, we’ve had not only a great success but also many hardships and challenges along the way, and many doubters who did not believe in our choices, path and our vision.  


By being product focused we not only improved the design, safety, endurance and our service but also brought even more value to our customers and that’s how the small workshop turned to an independent brand with a great design, quality and trendy products.

Today we already know that we have a world class product which is well tested and manufactured in compliance with the highest bicycle industry quality standards and we’ll do our best to serve every customer with our heart and soul to make sure we deliver a world class customer service.


Bicycle for us isn’t just a mode of transportation or a piece of sports equipment. It is also a manifestation of human creativity and clever ideas, an example of wonderful handicraft, design and our pride.​


We definitely believe that our products can make not only a significant contribution to inspire development of good habits and healthy lifestyle but also we believe that we set a new standard and building a new legacy, new culture and we're so proud that you're  a part of it.  

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